Our Beta is Now Live: Mint NFTs With Ease

The most user-friendly minting engine in the universe. We keep the needs of you, the creator, completely in your control. See if you qualify for early access to our beta, and be one of the first to mint with PlanetNFT.

Request Early Access

PlanetNFT is launched for select creators! Apply to be one of the first to mint your NFTs with us and see if you qualify for early access.

Mint in Minutes

We walk you through each step of the minting process so you have full customization and financial transparency for your NFTs. Quickly mint the NFTs you want–exactly how you want them.

APIs are available for all marketplaces and other businesses. Contact sales.


Launch Your Own Sales Widget

Allow your audience to purchase your NFTs via social media or your own user-friendly storefront. Sell in USD. Accept crypto and credit cards.

APIs available to create your own white-label platform. Contact sales.

How it works

Create & upload your content. NFTs can take the form of any type of digital media: photos, videos, images, animations, audio files, event tickets and more.
Choose your preferred blockchain & decide how many NFTs you want to issue: 1-of-1, limited or unlimited editions
Set your prices & secure your royalties. Fixed, auction or varied pricing for a specific series.

We Empower Creators

NFTs are more than a way to digitally sell and distribute your intellectual property, they’re also an amazing tool to connect deeper with your fans, customers and audience to continuously engage and turn them into rabid brand enthusiasts. NFTs also ensure payment of your well deserved royalties as a creator, forever.
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