PlanetNFT x Fireblocks

PlanetNFT is the very first enterprise-grade NFT platform built for major issuers of NFTs. Providing an API-driven minting engine that’s secure, scalable and cross-chain aimed at major brands, metaverses, agencies, and other institutional NFT creators.

PlanetNFT was founded by a team of institutional blockchain custody experts and consumer market-relatable individuals, coming together with the common goal of driving universal adoption of NFTs to help businesses, brands, artists and creators of all kinds leverage the new technology to create: deeper audience connections, exclusive forums of communication, more comprehensive loyalty programs, and power the web3 world.

As an enterprise-grade minting engine, security is at the forefront of PlanetNFT’s product, enabling the world’s largest brands and creators to keep both themselves and their audience secure. This is why PlanetNFT chose to partner with Fireblocks and their industry leading security to build the world’s first enterprise-grade, cross-chain minting engine—leveraging the industry leading multi-layer security, MPC, algorithm, and Intel SGX hardware the Fireblocks platform provides.

PlanetNFT’s ERC-721 smart contracts are currently connected to the Fireblocks platform on both Ethereum and Polygon, with Solana coming soon to ensure all token minting and smart contact ownership are secured at the strongest possible levels.

Together, PlanetNFT and Fireblocks are setting a new standard for creating assets in the Web3 world. Brands, metaverses, and marketplaces can now mint with complete confidence.

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